Top 5 Hits for Men’s Accessories for Spring 2019

We all know how a few nice accessories to finish of any outfit can be a game changer and really up the your appearance. Here are my top 5 picks for men for this spring!



Not only do sunglasses protect the eyes, but they are often worn as a fashion statement. Many people opt to have several pairs to match with their vibe or mood. TIP Start with a classic aviator or wayfarer with a neutral and then opt for a trendier style. Shop Here


Pocket Squares

Suit accessories are a very trendy right now. You can make an impact on a simple suit by adding a pocket square, cufflinks, lapel pin, or a bow tie. TIP For a dapper look select two pocket squares to wear, one solid and one with a pattern. Do not try and match the pocket square to the tie! Shop Here


Men’s Ring

Most men don’t typically wear a ring other than their wedding band. Rings offer men the opportunity to express their style through jewelry and can be done without looking overly feminine as today’s options are endless with stones, textures, colors, and metals. TIP When selecting a ring, invest in a style that is versatile to wear both causally and with a suit. And less is more, so wear no more than three. Shop Here


Men’s Bracelet

Similar to rings, bracelets can offer an opportunity to express your style. Many men like the option of mixing leather with a metal or bead. TIP Do not wear the same bracelet on both wrists, opt for different style and widths or just make a statement by wearing only one! Shop Here


Men’s Watch

With so many people using their cell phones to keep time, the classic look of a watch has been on the decline. A beautiful watch enhances any style of dress. TIP People notice watches, so I recommend having two: one casual and one for a dressier look. Shop Here


A final thought for spring accessorizing: If you typically like to keep your style simple, try  one new accessory and see if you like the feel. You may surprise yourself love your new swagger!

From my closet to yours,


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