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Terms, conditions & contract


I do hereby employ Wardrobe Consulting to perform certain wardrobe consulting services, as outlined on the Customer Profile page at

In furtherance of my employment of Wardrobe Consulting, I agree as follows:

1. RATES: For all time spent by Wardrobe Consulting working with me providing the above described services, I agree to pay $115 a per hour. I understand that included in the services provided are: travel time, preparation, research, phone calls, meetings, consultations, and all other time spent working with me. For all consulting services there is a 1.5 hour minimum.

2. FEES: As consulting services are provided, I agree to pay as per the rate described
in paragraph 1 above. Wardrobe Consulting will invoice me on a regular basis and full payment is due at the day of service or receipt of invoice. Other payment arrangements will require a separate written agreement between client and Wardrobe Consulting. I understand that any overdue balance owed by me to Wardrobe Consulting will incur interest at the rate of 1.5 percent per month. I also acknowledge that upon any failure to make full payment for services provided pursuant to this agreement, that Wardrobe Consulting may retain an attorney to enforce its rights and/or take action to collect any unpaid monies owed and that the undersigned herein agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees of up to 15 per cent of any balance owed and the reasonable expenses
incurred by Wardrobe in the collection of the amounts due under this agreement. Any checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a fee of $25.00. Venmo payments are also accepted (@Suzanne-Libfraind).

3. SERVICE PROVIDED: I am retaining Wardrobe Consulting to provide personalized wardrobe consulting services to me under the terms of this agreement. It is understood that the services, advice and opinions provided herein represent the professional expertise of Wardrobe Consulting and are necessarily subjective in nature.
 I understand that no specific results or guarantees have been promised to me as a result of the hiring of Wardrobe Consulting.

4. Twenty-four hour advance notice is required for cancellation of an appointment. No exceptions can be made, except in cases of personal or family emergency. If cancellation occurs for a second time without a 24-hour notice, the client will be required to pay for two hours at the rate of $115 per hour before another appointment can be scheduled.

5. I HAVE READ AND I UNDERSTAND this contract and have been given a copy of it. It is the entire agreement between me and Wardrobe Consulting.

I have read and understand this contract.

Thank you!

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