Cristina Wilson

Before I turned to Suzanne for personal shopping, I kept buying the same boring pieces over and over again – and still felt like I had nothing to wear. I was a new working mom when we first started and was in a total style rut. Suzanne took the time to understand my personality and help me develop a wardrobe that felt brighter, more creative and empowering. She pulled items that would not only make me feel beautiful and confident, but could also mix-and-match together so that I could get tons of mileage out of our shopping time. She found pieces in stores I had always passed over, and have now become my go-tos! I always recommend Suzanne to my own friends and coworkers, because I can’t overstate how much the new joy in my wardrobe spilled over to every area of life.

(photo by Crystal Cofie Photography)


Former Vice President of Charlotte Agenda and Founder of Mood House

Nick Kosir

Suzanne is truly the best in the business. Her ability to not only capture – but elevate – your personal style is a gift. Every time I work with her, the pieces she selects for me become my favorites. In addition, she’s easy to work with and a joy to be around.


FOX 46 Good Day Charlotte Meteorologist

Barbi Brooks

Suzanne LIbfraind - Image Manager - Barbi Brooks
I have had the pleasure of having Suzanne style me for several months. She has elevated every look with finishing touches that are truly her trademark. Details are her speciality and she continues to surpass my expectations with every outfit. Suzanne truly has a vision for branding and I have been so honored to work with her. I highly  respect her professionally and personally- Suzanne is the real deal.

Holly Roberson

Suzanne Libfraind is a pleasure to work with on all things fashion! She excels working with many different types of clients with various budgets and needs. From closet consultations to shopping with clients and all types of retailers, Suzanne has the perfect touch!


Director of Marketing & Business Development - SouthPark, Charlotte

Delia McMullen

Working with Suzanne was such a treat! I have never used a personal shopper or stylist, but after meeting Suzanne I am hooked! Initially, she came to my home for a closet consult and with her trained eye, efficiently went through my closet. I was amazed and delighted at the outfit combinations Suzanne came up with and I now have more than 30 “new” outfits from shopping my closet. I loved that she took photos of each outfit with shoes, jewelry, and other accessories.  Together, Suzanne and I identified the major gaps in my wardrobe, made a wish list and were ready for the next day – three hours of complimentary personal shopping! Suzanne was efficient and we were able to find almost every item on my list while staying within my budget. While she was able to pick up on my personal style and understand my needs based on my lifestyle, she also pushed me to try new things. I can’t recommend Suzanne highly enough – she effortlessly solved many of my style dilemmas and made the process so much fun!

Content Coordinator, Myers Park Life, SouthPark Life and Dilworth Life Magazines; Associate Editor, Peachy the Magazine

Rhiannon Giddens

Rhiannon Giddens

Attending the Grammys and receiving an award was an experience I will remember and cherish forever. I am so grateful to Suzanne for her help selecting my gown. Her creativity and vision made the styling experience easy and enjoyable, and when I walked on stage to accept our award, I felt amazingly confident and beautiful.

Carolina Chocolate Drops, Winners of the Best Traditional Folk Album Award, 2011

Rob Maddin

Rob Maddin

Before Suzanne started working with me on my wardrobe, I shopped off of the sales rack, never tried anything on before buying, and tried to get the whole process completed as quickly as possible. My clothing color palate included only navy and black. Obviously, deciding what to wear each day was pretty simple, but it was also pretty boring. And, I was dressed in ill-fitting clothes, as well. Happily, Suzanne changed all that by getting me back into colors (which I very much like), and by guiding me in selecting the right styles of clothing for me. Working with Suzanne has been absolutely wonderful – she’s quick, diligent, and fun. Her wardrobe consulting and purchasing process is amazingly easy and enjoyable. One thing I really appreciate (and use daily) is a simple guidebook that she provided containing pictures showing all of the possible clothing combinations in my new wardrobe – thus, the mystery and confusion about what to wear each day are now gone, and I always feel both comfortable and well-dressed.

(Photo by Dave Davies)

Wil E. Coleman

Suzanne approaches her client with a keen eye and sensitivity to their present state, while gently nudging them to where they want to be. She has been instrumental in helping me develop a style image as a singer-songwriter. She is uniquely gifted, and I enjoy working with her.