Re-creation and Celebration: My Style Journey


     In a way, my entire professional life has been about re-creating and celebrating style. I’ve worked with every type of person, from professional models and actors…to people just entering the workforce…to stay at home parents…to teens with special needs…you name it, and I’ve probably dressed it. With every client, I get to know them and their story, and through that, I help them figure out a style that fits their life. It’s always a pleasure helping clients evolve their style as their lives grow and change.

     Similarly, with my own personal story, I have gone through many stages where my image has shifted due to changes in my business. Recently, I have done a style re-creation on myself, through a total refresh on my branding. I have a new logo, website, and focus on social media that reflects where I am in my own style journey. Throughout all the phases in my personal and professional life, one thing will never change…I will continue to celebrate every day that I get to keep doing this job that I absolutely love.

     Please follow me on my Facebook and Instagram pages as I reflect back on some of my favorite client re-creations through several posts over the next few weeks.


From my closet to yours,

Suzanne Libfraind

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