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Suzanne LIbfraind - Image Manager
Suzanne LIbfraind - Image Manager

Q & A

As an image manager, my work with clients begins with a vision of combining the client’s present style and work goals to build a cohesive brand. It comes to life with the creation of the brand and ends with success beyond their expectations. 

A stylist is responsible for providing fashion advice and one of their main tasks is staying updated with the latest fashion trends. Stylists are often called upon to dress models or supervise photoshoots. A personal shopper is a person who gives fashion advice and makes buying suggestions. Personal shoppers often work for a department store or can freelance. An image manager goes above and beyond what a stylist or personal shopper can do and helps oversee the entire visual brand of a client. 

For people that have a high-profile career or aspire to “level up” their life, an image manager can create a look and style that reflects their brand. An image manager helps clients achieve their goals both personally and professionally by creating a brand that works for every aspect of their life. Having a branded image is essential for anyone who is looking to be at the top of their game. 

The process begins with an in-depth discussion of work and lifestyle goals. From there, I create a visual brand that best achieves a harmonious balance between all aspects of their life. The process continues with the evaluation of hair, skin, makeup, and understanding of the client’s overall body shape. A timeline is created to achieve a branded cohesive look.

An image manager isn’t for everyone. Clients that are interested in creating a cohesive brand with their appearance and lifestyle would benefit the most from image management services.