One of the most rewarding aspects of being a fashion stylist is seeing the overwhelming joy on a client’s face when they look in the mirror wearing an outfit I hand selected just for them. I decided to take my love of fashion to create a small exclusive jewelry line that was purposeful in style and determined in look. The name of the line, RESOLUTE, came to me one day in 2019 as I was training for a triathlon and realized it would take sheer resolution to get through months of intense training itself. I shared my vision for the jewelry line with Christine Jones Jewelry and we began our collaboration to bring RESOLUTE to life. It brings me immense pleasure to invite you to see the line and offer you the opportunity to purchase your favorite pieces.

From My Closet to Yours,

Suzanne Libfraind

2" Gunmetal  Earrings

2″ Gunmetal Earrings

Price: $38.00
2” earrings marry lightweight aluminum and gunmetal.
Each wire is sterling silver.
3" Gunmetal Chain Earrings

3″ Gunmetal Chain Earrings

Price: $38.00
3” earrings marry lightweight aluminum and gunmetal chain.
Each wire is sterling silver.
Choker Style Necklace with 2" Earrings

Choker Style Necklace with 2″ Earrings

Price: $99.00
pair with 2” earrings

Price: $42.00
earrings alone.

Classic choker style updated with chunky but very lightweight aluminum chain and luscious freshwater pearls. Adjustable to fit most. All wire is 14k gold fill for durability.
3 Strand Bracelet

3 Strand Bracelet

Price: $183.00
3 strand bracelet is a little glam and a little rocker chic with rows of shiny hematite and aluminum chain.  Sterling toggle clasp keeps it secure.  
7.75” standard, other lengths available.
2 Rows Pearls Necklace with 3.5" Earrings

2 Rows Pearls Necklace with 3.5″ Earrings

Price: $198.00

Price: $54.00

2 rows of decadent freshwater pearls on a gold-tone, lightweight aluminum chain. Bottom row of pearls on this 18-22” necklace move and sway for that little extra. This necklace pairs perfectly with either a tee or a dress. 3.5” earrings tie it all together or look great alone.
Wire and earposts are 14k gold fill for durability.
Layered 3 Strand Bracelet

Layered 3 Strand Bracelet

Price: $128.00


Layered looking 3 strand bracelet with lightweight, soft gold-tone, chunky aluminum chain with rich white freshwater pearls.   7.75”. Other lengths available.

Aluminum Chain with Gun Metal Necklace

Aluminum Chain with Gun Metal Necklace

Price: $72.00 for 21″ 
Price: $78.00 for 24″

This seasonless lightweight aluminum chain in gunmetal gray comes in two lengths: 21” and 24”.
Buy each and wear together for easy, effortless style. 

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